Wicksteed Park in Kettering is launching a new climbing venue, providing a wide range of fun activities for all ages and promoting healthy living and keeping active.

Clip 'n Climb Wicksteed Park

The indoor attraction will offer 28 different challenges and climbing walls, including an 8m-high leap of faith, as part of the park’s move towards providing year-round activities.

It has been designed for Key Stage 1 upwards and aims to encourage children to stay fit and healthy, a topic being tackled by many schools.

The park is also in the process of launching a programme containing a wide variety of climbing challenges which cater for all kinds of skill levels.

The new Clip ‘n Climb

The attraction will feature a Stairway to Heaven which invites visitors to walk to the top of the big, green pillar before taking the jump at the top.

Astroball features large climbing balls placed on top of each other and challenges children to figure out the route around them to the top.

Other climbing activities include: Speed Climb where you press the start button and race the clock to the top; Twister whereby the wall twists as you climb; and Leap of Faith where youngsters can jump off the platform and aim for the punch bag.

The Clip ‘n Climb clipper system means pupils can climb any challenge on their own safely. The attraction will also feature a support device for use by people with disabilities.

Wicksteed Park managing director Ian Bartlett said: “Offering people the chance to enjoy themselves indoors and giving them healthy and exciting things to do in the colder weather is an important aspect of our vision to drive forward the park’s development and growth as a family attraction.”

Wicksteed Park for schools

Wicksteed Park combines 147 acres of parkland and an Edwardian pavilion with attractions such as rollercoasters and rides but a visit can be more than just fun, it can be educational too.

With a range of activities and workshops supporting the curriculum, pupils can explore skills across a variety of areas and subjects.

Examples of topics that students can learn about when visiting include Art and Literature, Habitats, and Friction and Forces, to name a few.

For more information, visit www.wicksteedpark.org/clipnclimb.