Wicked Education, which runs alongside the musical Wicked, has released a video of cast members and teachers explaining the importance of taking school groups to the theatre.


Wicked has won the award for Best Theatre Production for Schools two years running at the School Travel Awards, run by School Travel Organiser, most recently at the ceremony held at the Royal Garden Hotel, London, on 9th November. 

The production includes various themes and lessons which offer an educational angle for schools, from friendship to self-confidence.

Wicked cast Credit Troy Johnston

Pictured: Cast of Wicked celebrating winning at the School Travel Awards (Photo credit: Troy Johnston).

Michael McCabe, executive producer (UK) Wicked, told School Travel Organiser: “The remarkable story of integrity and tolerance at the heart of Wicked resonates strongly with young people and we are privileged that so many teachers continue to engage with, and champion, the production. 

“We are also incredibly proud of the education and outreach work that surrounds the show. At a time when education professionals are being forced to argue the case for arts education harder than ever before, we remain committed to providing every possible opportunity to support the social development and cultural enrichment of young people in this country.

This video can be found on the @WickedEdu twitter page.

The video includes shows students and teachers from Tonypandy Community College in Wales, in which current Glinda star Sophie Evans used to go to, discussing their favourite parts of the show why live theatre is so important.

Luisa Martin-Thomas from Tonypandy Community College said after seeing the show: “I think it’s imperative to bring students to live theatre to develop that aspiration in students and to show them that this magical world of performing arts, is the world to be in. And actually to think ‘I could be here on that stage’. 

“The creativity and the imagination behind the script of Wicked is just incredible, and the twists and turns at the end are shocking. And for them to see something that is so out there and that is different, is wonderful.

“To see one of my ex-students (Sophie Evans, playing Glinda) playing such a magnificent role… it’s an amazing feeling, that is why I became a teacher.”

You can find out more about Wicked’s educational offering by visiting the website www.wickedthemusical.co.uk/london/education/education.