The Museum of London’s learning offer is designed to support GCSE thematic History studies using London’s rich evidence to investigate its history and people, from delving into the common crimes of London’s past or celebrating the success of the Public Health Bill.

Students at Museum of London.

The Museum of London’s object handling sessions are based around themes specific to the session topic.

Itinerary: Thematic History Studies
Provider: Museum of London
Subjects: History
Key Stage: 4

All study days follow a similar format with opportunities for guided and independent learning, team workingJHeHeal, as well as object handling led by subject specialists, and the museum’s sessions have been created to complement thematic studies. The secondary programme also caters for Key Stage 3 students in a range of subjects from English Literature to Geography.

10:30am: Visiting students are greeted by the schools’ volunteers. They will ensure you know where you need to be and at what time, and will also make sure you get time for lunch too.

11am: All educational sessions last an hour and provide students with the opportunity to apply their subject knowledge, develop their critical thinking and gather new information. They will learn how to handle real objects giving them the opportunity to hold the past in their hands. The museum’s object handling sessions are based around themes specific to the session topic. For example, the Crime in London study day focuses on common types of crime throughout London’s history. Alternatively, on the Medicine, Health and Londoners Through Time study day students will have the opportunity to examine real skeletons from different eras in a special bones workshop led by the museum curators.

12pm: Now it is independent gallery time. Activity sheets are downloadable from the schools’ section on the museum website and it is suggested that pupils are given the opportunity to explore in small groups.

1pm: Groups are allocated tables in the dedicated lunch room to use for packed lunches.

1:30pm: The final session of the day will be an interactive drama putting your students’ knowledge into the context of London. They’ll be encouraged to participate to get the most from the session and they will consider the contrasting viewpoints of different types of Londoners through time.

2.30pm: The opportunity to visit the gift shop before heading back to school.

Contact information:
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