Student Zone Revealed For The Telegraph%E2%80%99s Festival Of Education %7C School Travel News

The Telegraph’s Festival of Education will have a dedicated Student Zone for pupils aged 11 and over again this year.

The event will run from 23rd to 24th June at Wellington College in Berkshire and the Student Zone will feature inspirational speakers, expert advice and age-appropriate activities – last year’s activities included a silent disco, interactive workshops and model making.

Inspirational speakers from last year were Tinie Tempah, Jon Briggs (former voiceover for The Weakest Link) and Kathleen Saxton. 

The seminar programme covered the topics of bullying, careers, mental health, finance, gap years, interview techniques, making choices and interpersonal skills.

This year’s speakers and activities are intended to challenge, inspire, entertain and equip students with knowledge and information that is useful for their future.

Operating Theatre Live will also be at the festival. OTL is a medical simulation education company that delivers hands on dissection based workshops around schools and colleges in the UK.

During each workshop with Operating Theatre Live, pupils will have the chance to work with medical anatomist Sam.

Sam will help students to understand GCSE Biology topics such as gastroenterology, cardiology, and neurology.

The neurology workshop for example, will see pupils peel back the scalp of a replica skull to remove a real brain and dissect the main parts to see the brainstem, the cerebral cortex and the cerebellum.

Pupils will learn the structure and function of the central nervous system and learn how the reflex arc allows living things to respond to stimuli in the environment.

As well as accessing the Student Zone, pupils attending the festival will be able to dip into main programme and watch headline speakers.

Journalist Piers Morgan, poet Simon Armitage and comedian and Geography teacher Mark Cooper-Jones are all lined up for this year’s festival.

One free adult full festival ticket will be available with every ten student tickets.

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