CLOtC Conference

The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom (CLOtC) has revealed the speakers for this year’s national conference, which will take place on Thursday 16th November. 

Speakers include Anita Kerwin-Nye, founder and director of NotDeadFish, Dr Kevin Rowland MBE, the Sandwell Council’s lead for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), and Kim Somerville, Brilliant Residentials campaign coordinator. 

About the speakers

Anita Kerwin-Nye is the founder and director social enterprise NotDeadFish, which supports work between schools and third sector organisations to improve outcomes for children and young people. 

The company specialises in building collaboration and modelling consortiums, working across the education sector with a range of third sector organisations supporting programmes in schools and learning environments. 

Its projects include SEND provision, arts and music provision, outdoor learning and education access, both in the UK and internationally. 

Dr Kevin Rowland MBE is principal educational psychologist, group head for inclusive learning and the Sandwell Council’s lead for SEND. 

His keynote will discuss how an explorer’s mind is connected to positive mental health and resilience through increased self-efficacy and inner confidence. 

He will also speak about how creativity through play and adventurous learning is nature’s way of children and young people reaching self-actualisation, which impacts on all aspects of achievement. 

Kim Somerville is coordinating the Brilliant Residentials campaign for the Learning Away consortium nationwide, whose vision is for more schools to provide high quality ‘brilliant residential’ experience for children and young people of all ages and from all backgrounds. 

About the conference

The CLOtC conference will also include workshops designed to give participating teachers an insight for different ideas and tips on how to take learning beyond the classroom. 

‘Citizen Science – sharing knowledge, inspiring action, valuing nature’, ‘Art without a paintbrush’ and ‘Enhancing children’s wellbeing through local learning’ are only some of the workshops available. 

The conference will take place at Ingestre Hall Arts Residential Centre in Stafford. 

To book your place, you can visit