London’s Science Museum will host a range of school-friendly events next year, coinciding with the opening of its huge gallery dedicated to medical history.

Medicine and Bodies gallery at the Science Museum

Source: © Science Museum Group

Schools can learn all about medical history.

Medicine: The Welcome Galleries has transformed the first floor of the Science Museum with five new galleries consisting of more than 3,000 medical artefacts, artworks, interactive games and immersive experiences in a bid to bring the history of medicine to life.

Just some of the highlights include the world’s first MRI scanner, Flemming’s penicillin mould, a professional pianist’s prosthetic arm and robotic surgery equipment.

Pupils will now have the chance to study a broad range of unique artefacts, thanks to collections of Henry Wellcome and the Science Museum Groups. 

Natasha McEnroe, keeper of medicine at the Science Museum, said: “3,000 incredible medical artefacts are on display, many for the first time, enabling visitors to examine the skills and technologies of medical breakthroughs throughout time and explore the emotional impact of treatment on both patients and practitioners.

“The universal experience of medicine makes it accessible to all, and I am delighted this complex subject now has the significant space it deserves in the Science Museum.”

What’s in it for schools?

There are activity trails for KS2, KS3 & KS4 and a gallery guide to help pupils and teachers make the most of the galleries. To keep the conversations going back at school there is a new 3D objects resource. An image bank and gallery film are coming in the spring term. All are free from the museums website.

The museum will hold a series of ‘Astronights’ where schools can bring KS2 pupils to spend the night in one of the galleries, arriving at 6.45pm until 10am the following day. These are also open to Brownies, Cubs and other community organisations. With workshops, shows and activities - rounded off with breakfast and an interactive science show, there’s a series of dates leading up until June 2020, plus a SENsory Astronights option available too.

A new outreach ‘Medical Marvels’ session has also been developed for KS3 and KS4 in schools that can’t visit the museum.


Teacher Zone at Lates: Medicine

Teacher Zone is a VIP reception area at Science Museum Lates (evening sessions for adults) where teachers can preview exclusive resources and activities.

Next year the museum will be showcasing the learning resources that have been developed around the new collection including the gallery guide, trails, workshops and digital resources. Dates to be confirmed.