Students get to dress up to re-enact the trial

The National Centre for Citizenship and the Law (NCCL) has developed a series of new educational workshops, which focus on topical themes including moral and ethical issues for a variety of Key Stages.

A Cyberbullying Trial is one in particular that is aimed at Key Stages 3 and 4 and aims to teach students about how the law deals with cybercrimes.

The workshop, which takes place in the Royal Courts of Justice in London, is based on the real story of a young girl who was the first person convicted in the UK for harassment through the use of social media.

The session will give students an understanding of the responsibilities and consequences of using social media and how cyberbullies are dealt with through the justice system.

What will the workshop involve?

The Cyberbullying Trial is a two hour long session; students will learn about what happens within the Royal Courts of Justice as well as work alongside law students (where possible) to prepare and enact a trial based on a real case of harassment through social media.

Students will go on to explore roles in a court room, discuss and debate real sentencing options, and discover key areas in the Royal Courts.

Booking information

This workshop links to Citizenship, PSHE, Psychology, Sociology, Enrichment, Careers, Law and STEM.

There is a maximum group size of 30 students, although more than one group may be accommodatedat one time.

School travel organisers should call 020-7947 7544 to book a visit, or e-mail

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