Earlier this year, The Blackpool Tower extended its schools programme, with more workshops and interactive sessions now available.

The Blackpool Tower

The sessions began in September but are available for 2018 as well. The educational programme is suitable for both Primary and Secondary school pupils.

Education with The Blackpool Tower

For Primary school pupils, The Blackpool Tower has an extensive list of one-hour educational lessons to choose from, which cover a wide range of subjects in a fun and entertaining way, and are designed to interest and stimulate a child’s learning. 

These include comparing towers from around the world, building LEGO towers, discussing the evolution of tourism in Blackpool, learning about the War of The Roses, and finding out about circus and clowns throughout the ages. 

New for this year and next is the Crime and Punishment workshop which looks at Medieval misconduct and wrongdoing, focusing on the History elements.

In the one-hour session, participants will be able to create historical characters of crime with hands-on exercises, explore what punishments would be given for what crimes, act out Medieval justice using Drama skills and learn more about the conditions of a Medieval prison. 

The performance manager at The Blackpool Tower delivers this session with props and the assistance of one of The Blackpool Tower Dungeon characters.

Every lesson is taught by a qualified professional in one of The Blackpool Tower’s onsite classrooms.

Secondary Drama students can also take part in a six-week long programme with the team behind the popular Blackpool Tower Dungeon, learning how to become of one the actors that make it a success. 

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon Acting Academy gives students an opportunity to have one-to-one performance training with seasoned entertainers. At the end of the workshop, pupils will be given the chance to perform in front of friends and family. This experience is appropriate for pupils in year nine and above.   

School rates are available, and teachers can download teaching resource via the website.

For more information, visit www.theblackpooltower.com