A new immersive production, upgraded park entrances and an investment of €28.5m are amongst the key initiatives for 2019, announced by Puy du Fou, France’s second largest theme park.

Puy du Fou

The theme park, a popular choice amongst some teachers taking their classes to France, will introduce new features next year in the hope to attract even more visitors.

Puy du Fou takes visitors through different eras of French History, tying in with educational studies and also giving children a taster of a country’s history besides their own. Zones include La Cite Medievale, Le Village XVIIIEme, le Bourg 1900, and Le Fort De L’an Mil.

New educational experience

Next year sees the opening of a new production, Le Premier Royaume, which will be located in the heart of the Grand Park. Inspired by a pivotal period in the history of France, this immersive attraction features sets and special effects. 

Visiting schools can step into the 5th century and follow the destiny of Clovis, the famous king of the Franks, against a backdrop of Attila’s rampaging followers and a declining Roman Empire. 

In Le Premier Royaume, Puy du Fou leads its visitors on a 20-minute walk-through experience, following Clovis through 14 different fantasy worlds. Visitors pass through rooms surrounded by Attila’s Huns, through the royal armoury and the Mérovingian palace until they reach the mythical legend-rich world of Valhalla where some of the uncertainties of this troubled period start to unravel.

What else is new?

In keeping with its continual enhancement programme, the entrances to the Grand Park will be replaced with a different design and more efficient entry system.

Next year will also see the opening of the first Puy du Fou venture in Spain when a night-time show, narrating the history of Spain, is unveiled in Toledo. 

For more information, visit www.puydufou.com