ZSL animal demonstration

ZSL London Zoo has plenty going on for school groups in the year ahead including workshops linking to saving the environment, different climates and the rainforest.

Plastics: Impacts & Actions for KS2 is a new 90 minute session that sees students explore examples of human impact on the environment and how they can make a positive change to help the environment. The group will get first-hand experience looking at what happens to plastic when it reaches our waterways.

Intended learning outcomes will see children able to state at least one reason why the ocean is important; describe how litter from land-based sources reaches the ocean; and identify ways they can make a positive impact on the environment.

Also suitable for KS2 and supporting Science is the Rainforest Explorer session. It gives a general introduction to the climate and animals of the tropical rainforests of South America, and takes place in the zoo’s rainforest biome where the class will look for animals and take temperature and humidity readings.

KS3 and 4 pupils can learn about climate change in Climate Change & Animals, a session that recaps the science behind the greenhouse effect. Pupils will discover how our changing climate impacts animals, including humans, as well as their habitats around the world.

Through games and investigations, students will explore the issues facing animals in different habitats and focus on a case study highlighting what ZSL scientists are doing to help. Students will also understand what actions they can take to reduce their carbon footprint.

Other workshops vary in topic from wildlife crimes and classification to the study of lions. Students of all ages can be catered for, from foundation level up to post-16 studies.

Teachers looking to book a school trip can call 0344-967 0831 to speak to the education department.

For further information visit www.zsl.org.

(Photo credit: ZSL London Zoo).