Paultons Family Theme Park

Paultons Family Theme Park in Hampshire will be launching seven new school workshops, suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2 and covering a range of topics in the New Year.

Included in the new workshops are: African Animal Adventures!, Animal Encounters!, Fur, Feathers and Scales, Habitats Around the World, Animal Care, Rainforests, and Animal Conservation.

New workshops

African Animal Adventures! is suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils and will allow them to explore the brand new Little Africa land. The interactive workshop will look at habitats and adaption and will involve close encounters with African animals.

Animal Encounters! will allow students to have encounters with a range of animals from reptiles to invertebrates.

During the Fur, Feathers and Scales workshop, pupils can compare live animals, looking at Classification, looking at the appearance of animals, from their furs to their feathers, looking at their difference and similarities.

Habitats Around the World looks at different habitats and surroundings from deserts to oceans. Pupils will learn how animals survive in different conditions and how they adapt.

Animal Care will teach children about the basic needs of animals and pets and how to care for them. Pupils will also take a look at how the staff take care of animal wellbeing at Paultons Park.

The Rainforests session will look at live invertebrates which can be found in rainforests and will involve interactive hands-on activities looking into tropical habitats. Children will look at ways in which the world is trying to protect rainforests.

Animal Conservation will look at the threats that the world faces and discuss ways in which we can help and protect wildlife. Children will look at examples of animals found at Paultons and how the zoo can protect them.

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