New Scientist Live, taking place at ExCel London for its second year, will encourage pupils to get involved in the world of Science.

New Scientist Live

The interactive Science-themed event will be taking place over four days from 28th September until 1st October.

New Scientist Live is partnered with Adaptable Travel, which provides school packages and ticket rates, including overnight stays and coach travel for schools further away from London.

What can schools expect when visiting?

New Science Live will feature five interactive zones covering topics such as Humans, Engineering, Technology, Earth and Cosmos, plus a VIP area and main stage.

New Scientist Live will boast 120 speakers, six action packed stages and more than 100 unforgettable experiences.

The event will touch upon all areas of human life and looks at how Science and Technology are shaping our society, our lives and the world around us.

This year’s event aims to be bigger and better than last year’s and will be bringing some of the world’s most celebrated minds in science to share their valued opinions.

Guest speakers include Demis Hassabis, founder of Google’s DeepMind, A Handmaid’s Tale author Margaret Atwood, chef Heston Blumenthal and naturalist Chris Packham.

Atwood’s talk is expected to be on Science, Fiction and the Future and will look at the power of imagination; and Hassabis’s talk will be on Solving Intelligence: The Future of AI which will focus on his experiences as an AI researcher, neuroscientist and videogame designer.

Packham’s talk, meanwhile, will be on A Wild Life Exposed, and will look at a series of his images as he charts his quest to reflect on the beauty of nature.

New Scientist Live welcomes teachers and students with a passion for Science, and group booking discounts are available at 50% off standard ticket prices.

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