A new educational programme has been launched for September at Bradford’s Peace Museum.

The Peace Museum

The scheme will be suitable for Primary pupils and will feature new cross-curricular workshops.

What will it involve? 

The sessions will incorporate the use of the museum’s collection of artefacts as well as the stories of countless people who have tried to bring an end to conflict, violence, war and inequality as well as create social justice, peace and cohesion. 

For History, two workshops will be available: Poppies, Remembrance and War Horses, and Everyone Comes From Somewhere, both suitable for Key Stage 2. 

For Citizenship, Peaceful Citizens and The Right of Peace will be available, for Key Stage 2 groups. 

The Science offering includes Caring For Our World workshop which looks at the environment, tying in with the curriculum for Key Stage 2.

And for Art & Design, The Art of Peace for Key Stage 2 will be offered and a Routes to Peace Heritage Trail suitable for all Key Stages will see pupils go on a guided tour of the museum.

The workshops have been tailored to fit the National Curriculum and will also explore Bradford’s history as a place of refuge.

The programme aims to teach pupils how to incorporate peace into everyday life.

Workshops can be taught in the city centre museum, which has free admission, or in schools as part of the museum’s dedicated outreach offer.

More information about the Peace Museum

The Peace Museum occupies three galleries in one of Bradford’s Victorian buildings. It is the only accredited museum of its kind in the UK and is a member of the International Network of Museums for Peace. 

The Peace Museum tells the stories of those who have campaigned for peace and end to conflict and violence, locally, nationally and internationally, through a 7000 item collection. 

For more information, visit www.peacemuseum.org.uk