Buckler's Hard

Beaulieu and Buckler’s Hard in New Forest, Hampshire has introduced a new educational programme, available at both attractions, which ties in with Literacy and Creative Writing.

Using the facilities and collections, schools visiting in the new term can expect a tailored visit to fit in with a number of traditional and well known books and stories from various authors.

The programme, Fantastic Fiction and Amazing Authors, was launched earlier this year and will be available again for the new academic year.

At Beaulieu, pupils can visit the Motor Museum, Palace House, Beaulieu Abbey, and the Secret Army exhibition and at Buckler’s Hard they can learn about maritime history.

Fantastic Fiction and Amazing Authors

Stormbreaker, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Goodnight Mr Tom, The Wind in the Willows, Gumdrop, Powder Monkey and Alice in Wonderland are some of the stories that schools can focus on during a visit. 

Alternatively authors such as Shakespeare, Ian Fleming and Arthur Conan Doyle have strong links to the area and teachers can choose to focus their visit on stories from these authors, too.

There is also an optional car ride experience that can be arranged in a World War Two Jeep together with subject specific trails or quizzes that can requested.

An example of what a visit can include

So far Beaulieu has ran a Goodnight Mr Tom programme based around the Beaulieu War Years experience, in the Secret Army exhibition.

On this occasion the War Years programme was used to give background context to the characters in the story. 

This experience saw a school take part in two sessions: Life on the Home front which used vehicles to illustrate rationing, blackout, war-time motoring, and air raids; and Secret Army which demonstrated how evacuees were not the only people transported from their homes during the war.

This educational visit tied in with the Literacy and History curriculum, linking with war stories such as Goodnight Mr Tom, but also giving the pupils lessons in the history of war.

School rates are available for visits to both Beaulieu and Buckler’s Hard.

For more information, visit www.beaulieu.co.uk.