The Royal Air Force Museum in London has announced that a new learning programme will be created as part of its Centenary Programme renovations.

RAF Museum

The learning programme will aim to inspire young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

It is expected to be ready by 2018, to coincide with the opening of a number of new features and facilities.

A number of workshops are already available at the museum for Early Years to Key Stage 5 students.

Current offerings include a Key Stage 2 workshop called Air Raid!, during which pupils pretend to be enlisted in the RAF, and a Key Stage 3 session called Propaganda from the Skies that allows students to study RAF propaganda leaflets.

What’s new in 2018?

Plans to open two new exhibition spaces, a café, a visitor centre and a restaurant have been confirmed as part of the museum’s RAF Centenary Programme.

The project is being funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, which has awarded the RAF Museum with £4,595,600 to complete the renovations.

In addition to the new STEM learning programme, it’s been confirmed that two new exhibitions will open.

Students will be able to explore the first 100 years of the RAF through the stories of its people in one exhibition, and see its future contributions and uses of technology in the other.

The new visitor centre will be easily accessible for all abilities, as will the new café, shop and flexible-use spaces.

The new restaurant, meanwhile, will revitalise a disused historic building, connecting visitors with the London site’s RAF heritage.

Further plans include RAF Stories, a digital project that will contribute personal stories to enhance visitors’ understanding of the Royal Air Force. This project will be created with first-hand accounts from people connected with the RAF.

Teachers can find further information by visiting

Photo credit: Trustees of the Royal Air Force Museum