Kenwood House

Kenwood House in London is expanding its education offer from September with a new expert-led Discovery Visit based upon Kenwood’s connection to the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade.

Key Stage 3 students will explore the role of Lord Mansfield, who was an English judge, involved in the abolition of slavery.

The class also will gain an insight into the main arguments used by campaigners both for and against slavery, and learn about Mansfield’s role as a senior legal figure in Britain and the impact of his rulings.

History of Kenwood

Kenwood House itself has a connection to this particular topic as it was the former home of Lord Mansfield from 1754.

In 1766 Lord Mansfield and his wife took in their two great-nieces Elizabeth Murray and Dido Elizabeth Belle.

Dido was the daughter of Sir John Lindsay, nephew of Lord Mansfield, while Dido’s mother was an enslaved African woman.

At this time it was rare for a mixed-race woman to be educated, literate and living at a house such as Kenwood. On the Discovery Visit, students will tour key rooms, use and critically evaluate a range of source material to piece together the stories of the lives of some of the individuals who lived at Kenwood.

In addition to learning about the life of Dido Belle, students will be able to make a judgment on the significance of Lord Mansfield and his legal rulings within the context of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Abolitionist movement.

Students will be exposed to the methods of historians and the development of interpretation and be able to engage with the evidence available to form reasoned judgments of their own.

Key Stage 3 History

The new Discovery Visit provides an opportunity to teach the Key Stage 3 History curriculum topic of political power, industry and empire 1745-1901 outside of the classroom, and comes complete with an accompanying resource which can be taken back to school after the visit.

Teachers can also link the Discovery Visit to a local history study.

A maximum of 30 students can take a Discovery Visit, which is available to book on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays all year round.

Organisers should call 0370-333 0606 to make a booking, or visit