In 2018 LEGOLAND Windsor Resort will be opening its doors to both expanded and new attractions, which will feature iconic landmarks made of LEGO and tie in with the Geography curriculum.

The Resort opens for the 2018 season on 9th March. Joining a LEGO filled calendar of events - from LEGO® STAR WARS™ Days to Brick or Treat Halloween and LEGOLAND at Christmas - LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort has announced the expansion of Miniland Explore the World, and openings of Miniland USA and LEGO® Reef.

All new additions will be open from 9th March.

Watch the video of the new features here:


Miniland Explore the World

Miniland will be expanding to include landmarks from India, Russia, Australia, and China for the very first time. In Miniland Explore the World, groups can take in the sights including the majestic Taj Mahal (Agra) St. Basil’s Cathedral (Moscow), the Sydney Opera House (Sydney) and the Forbidden City (Beijing).

Miniland has been a major attraction at the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort since it opened in 1996.

Miniland USA

Pupils can get a taste of America as a miniature LEGO version of the USA comes to Miniland. Iconic American landmarks recreated from LEGO®bricks will include a New York cityscape, with the Empire State Building standing five metres tall, and a journey along the famous Route 66, taking in Chicago and Arizona. Eagle eyed guests canspot tiny details along the way from Area 51 in Nevada to Cloud Gate in Chicago.

LEGO® Reef

The digital aquarium LEGO® Reef will also join the line-up of new attractions. Students will be able to ‘dive deep under the sea and build colourful sea creatures out of virtual LEGO® bricks using touch screen technology’.

With interactive fun, guests can create their very own virtual LEGO fish using touchscreens, before casting them off into the ocean and watching them swim through the interactive floor to ceiling coral reef. They will even be able to ‘feed’ their hungry new LEGO creations at the press of a ‘feed me’ button.

School visits

The new attractions tie in with the Geography curriculum, looking at cities and structure as well as Science, looking at animals and habitats.

School tickets rates are available and a variety of workshops with curriculum links can be arranged.

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