LEGOLAND educational workshops.

LEGOLAND® has introduced a new set of workshops for 2016 focused on the National Curriculum topics of Art, Design and Technology, English and Science. 

The workshops all take place in the Discovery Zone with LEGOLAND Windsor’s trained education staff.

LEGO Artist

Available for Key Stage 1 and 2 students, LEGO Artist lets pupils discover the world of 2D and 3D LEGO building.

The workshop can be linked to studies in Art and Technology and encourages students to compare and contrast the works of famous LEGO® artists and model makers, before creating their own sculpture or picture using LEGO bricks.  


The StoryStarter workshop, suited to students in Key Stage 1 and 2, aims to kick-start creativity and boost writing, speaking and listening skills.

The English-centred workshop gets children to work in groups of three to collaboratively plan and create a visual sequence with LEGO bricks.

StoryStarter supports vocabulary development and the sentence writing process back in the classroom.

LEGO Forces

Through hands-on activities, this Science and Design and Technology workshop for Key Stages 1 and 2 lets students discover and investigate how gravity, friction and mass can affect the speed and distance a model car travels.

Pupils will work in pairs to design and create their own LEGO car. They will then test their model to understand how to overcome the various causes of friction.

LEGO® Therapy

LEGO® Therapy is available for all Key Stages and develops play, communication and social skills through the use of LEGO. 

In teams of three, pupils will work together to complete a LEGO model, taking on the roles of being a LEGO supplier, architect or builder.

The workshop is designed to focus the students on the tasks that need to be performed through encouraging verbal and non-verbal communication, collaborative problem solving and teamwork.

This workshop is available for a maximum of 15 students.

For more information call the education team on 01753-626135 or e-mail