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From October, schools will be able to visit the National Portrait Gallery for the new Picasso Portraits exhibition, which has links to GCSE Art and Design.

The exhibition will run between the 6th October and the 5th February 2017, and will feature portraits ranging from well-known masterpieces from the artist, to works that have never been shown in Britain before.

Picasso Portraits will showcase over 75 portraits by the artist and will be the first large-scale exhibition devoted to the artist since Picasso and Portraiture at the Museum of Modern Art, New York and the Grand Palais, Paris in 1996.

Students will also be able to view revealing self-portraits of Picasso, and works of his friends, loves, wives and children.

Other art on display will be portraits and caricatures that were inspired by artists of the past, such as Velázquez and Rembrandt.

Possible curriculum links include GCSE Art and Design, which requires pupils to study the work and approaches of artists from contemporary or historical contexts, periods, societies and cultures.

Dr Nicholas Cullinan, director, National Portrait Gallery, London, commented, “We are delighted to stage Picasso Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery, a collaboration with Museu Picasso, Barcelona, which focuses on the artist’s reinvention of time-honoured conventions of portraiture, and his genius for caricature.

“The exhibition gathers together major loans from public and private collections that demonstrate the breadth of Picasso’s oeuvre and the extraordinary range of styles he employed across all media and from all periods of his career.”

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