HMS Warrior 1860

The National Museum of the Royal Navy, which looks after many museums in a variety of locations, will be offering more for schools in the New Year with new workshops available at its sites.

The National Museum of the Royal Navy consists of HMS Caroline, NMRN Hartlepool, HMS M.33, National Museum of the Royal Navy Portsmouth, Fleet Air Arm Museum, Royal Navy Submarine Museum, HMS Victory, HMS Warrior 1860, and the Explosion Museum.

The new workshops are now available for booking for 2018.

New workshops

Hands on HMS Victory! will take place on-board the HMS Victory at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and will be suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils and tie in with History. Students will learn about the different roles on the ships from marines, to surgeons. Activities will include a hands-on investigation session discovering more about the crew and how they lived.

Victorian Shipmates on HMS Warrior at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard will be suitable for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and will link to the History curriculum. In this session, pupils will explore Victorian life on-board the vessel and find out about the job role, how they ate and how Victorian medicine helped. Schools will get the chance to try out a ship hammock, handle artefacts and play dress up.

Going Under the Sea at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum, in Hampshire, will be targeted towards Reception and Key Stage 1 groups. The session will link to Geography. Pupils will use maps to find out where HMS Alliance travelled to. They will discover what it was like to live on-board and use the play area to take an imaginary journey on boats.

The Homefront 1939-45 workshop at the Explosion Museum in Gosport will suit Key Stage 2 pupils and will link to the Blitz, children, supplies and the changing role of women throughout the war. During the workshop, students will recreate an air raid in a real Anderson shelter. Artefacts will be on hand for pupils to observe and learn about what life was like on the home front. Topics looked at will include propaganda, evacuees, children’s live, local history, workers and rationing.

School rates are available for visits to the museums and teachers looking to book can contact

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