The Museum of Brands in London has revealed a new display and accompanying student resources on the debate on packaging and environmental sustainability.

Museum of Brands

The new display, Pack the Future includes examples of new innovations by brands and packaging technologists aiming to limit packaging’s burden on the environment. Pack the Future is now open.

With more information on the complex issues surrounding sustainability and packaging, the museum aims to open up the debate how the future of packaging can improve.

The importance of sustainability 

Much emphasis is being placed on the harmful effects that packaging, especially plastic, is having on the environment, and the museum believes it is important that the younger generation learn about this.

Packaging can be made more effective through innovation, with brands continually evaluating their choice of packaging materials, making refillable packs, improving recyclability, and concentrating the product itself so less resources are used. 

These topics will be covered in the display and students will be able to discover more about them when visiting.

Student resources

The Museum of Brands learning team has developed a free worksheet for students which ties themes of sustainability and the effect of packaging to the environment, to the 150-year archive of British consumer culture on display. The sustainability worksheets can be used during a visit and will required pupils to explore the museum for their answers.

Hour-long focused workshops are also available to explore the subject in more detail with resources free to download and bring along to a visit. 

Additionally, other workshops which are available for schools look at topics such as Chocolate Packaging Design, Consumer History and Brand Evolution.

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