A new treetop adventure park at Heaton Park, Manchester, is now complete and ready to open to the public.

Treetop Trek

The Treetop Trek attraction is set to open on Saturday 8th July and joins Treetop Nets, which opened in May, to form a Treetop adventure park offering visitors, including schools, an active and fun day out, immersed in nature.

Treetop Trek

The adventure park includes a ZipTrek which boasts 36 exciting aerial obstacle challenges which include balance bars, swinging logs, zig-zag bridges and 15 thrilling zip lines, from which trekkers can glide through the treetop canopy at a height of up to 15 metres.

This treetop adventure is suitable from ages seven years upwards and a visit typically lasts up to 3 hours.

For younger pupils, the lower and shorter Mini Trek is suitable and lasts approximately 1 to 2 hours, with 13 rewarding activities including a super skateboard challenge and seven zip lines.

School visits

Treetop Trek offers school sessions with activities to promote team work and encourage communication, as well as problem solving.

It also aims to help pupils with confidence and independence, as they work their way through the adventure course.

Alternatively, there is a Treetop trek adventure park in Brockhole, Windermere which also provides a variety of outdoor and indoor learning programs.

Treetop Nets

Treetop Nets is suitable for everyone from the age of three an offers another aerial woodland adventure, this time featuring a collection of giant trampolines, walkways, slides and tunnels, all made from super bouncy netting, suspended up to 40 feet off the ground, for fun high up in the treetops.

Both Treetop attractions will be open come throughout the year in all weather conditions.

For more information, visit www.treetoptrek.co.uk/group-bookings