This year, Longleat in Wiltshire will be hosting a display of animatronic predators, including sharks, crocodiles and bears, which can be used to support the Science curriculum.

Predators at Longleat

Predators will run from 24th March until 3rd September, offering schools the chance to see some of the planet’s greatest predators come to life through technology. 

The exhibition will be suitable for all Key Stages and schools visiting will spot more than a dozen realistic animatronic animals including a polar bear, a great white shark, a saltwater crocodile, a lion, a tiger and an extinct sabre-toothed cat.

Pupils will also get to learn about the adaptations that have created these deadly predators, and explore the different habitats within which they hunt, tying in with Science as well as Geography.

Learning about predators of the past

Also new this year, Longleat has teamed up with the Natural History Museum to host T. Rex: The Killer Question from 24th May to 3rd September, an exhibition which invites visitors to decide whether these dinosaurs were truly fearsome hunters or sneaky scavengers. 

The immersive displays will encourage school groups to take on the role of palaeontologists; evaluating a T. Rex’s size, the power in its legs, length of its arms, and the sharpness of its teeth, to decide if its physical features were best suited to catch prey or to steal carcasses.

School information

School visits to Predators can be accompanied by a guided safari tour on your school’s coach which will enable students to witness some real life predators in a more natural environment.

The exhibition is included in a Day Ticket and schools will receive a discount along with complementary tickets for a ratio of teachers when booking in advance.

Teachers looking to take their class can email or call 01985-845403.

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