Teachers planning school trips to the Legoland Windsor Resort in September and October can benefit from discounted rates and a free workshop.


Legoland is offering free workshops.

Student tickets will be £7 per pupil, as opposed to the normal price of £8.50 for primary and £9.75 for secondary, while teachers can book free places for students to any of the available workshops, including Lego Therapy, Underwater Creatures and Habitats, Around the World in 80 Bricks and many more.

About the workshops on offer

Workshops at Legoland are suitable for various Key Stages and abilities in subjects such as English, History and Geography, to name a few. Here are a few examples of the sessions on offer:  

The Underwater Creatures and Habitats workshop allows pupils to learn about the characteristics of underwater animals, while helping them understand how creatures survive through camouflage and adaptation. It is suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2 students, who will be able design and create their own animal for a specific habitat.

Also suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2, Story Starter links to English studies and boosts writing, speaking and listening skills. In groups of three, pupils collaboratively plan and create a visual sequence with Lego bricks, thus creating an ordered structure to their story.

In addition, students aged between seven and 16, Key Stage 2 and 3, will have the opportunity to collaborate and create their own Lego movie through a process of storyboarding, photography and animation during the Lego, Camera, Action! workshop. Pupils will have the opportunity to understand and develop the artistic skills required to animate inanimate objects, while grasping computer design within a creative environment.

Additional information

Teachers wishing to book any of the workshops can call 0871-4232 280 or email activelearning@legoland.co.uk. Free teacher planning tickets are also available, offering the chance to visit the park before the trip.

For further information visit www.legoland.co.uk.