Schools taking a trip to the HMS Victory in Hampshire can benefit from a series of new enhancements at the attraction which lend themselves to learning about the History of the Royal Navy.

Nelson's cabin

Previously unseen areas of the ship are now open to the public at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard in Hampshire.

The ship’s attraction space has been increased by 80 per cent, and students can now explore the poop deck and Nelson’s cabin, plus other areas onboard, which are presented as they might have looked during the Battle of Trafalgar.

Teachers booking a trip to the HMS Victory can also include an educational workshop to support a visit.

New sights above and below deck

The class will enter the HMS Victory on the gangway, before descending into the captain’s cabin to find out what working ship accommodation would have looked like.

Students can then explore the upper gun deck, where facts about how the crew on board stayed healthy can be learned.

Nelson’s cabin – a space where Nelson discussed plans for the Battle of Trafalgar with his officers – is also new to explore, as are the lower gun deck, the gunner’s store, and the carpenter’s store.

A further highlight for children is walking on top of the poop deck, which is the deck that forms the roof of a cabin built in the rear of a ship. Here, the class will be able to see views of the naval base and surrounding Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

Educational workshops

A series of workshops are available for teachers to choose from on a school trip to the HMS Victory.

A Key Stage 3 learning session called HMS Victory - History in Evidence gives students the opportunity to go behind the scenes and access the museum archives linked to HMS Victory, Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar.

Through a series of investigative activities focused around these primary sources students will discover more about the ship, the battle and the men who served on board.

For Key Stages 1 and 2, teachers can choose for their class to take part in All Hands On Deck, during which pupils will experience a day in the life of a sailor, as well as Ship Shape and a Square Meal, when Science, Maths and DT pupils can discover what sailors ate and how they kept clean.

School travel organisers should call 02392-839766 to book an educational workshop.

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(Photo credit: NMRN).