KidZania London is launching a veterinary activity to educate children on pet welfare in partnership with British pet food brand Lily’s Kitchen and UK veterinary charity PDSA.

The new Pet Wellbeing Centre will help kids learn how to keep pets happy and healthy, ensuring they are aware of the five welfare needs.

About the veterinary activity

KidZania’s new activity ties directly in with PSHE education, as part of the National Curriculum, teaching children the rights, responsibilities and welfare needs of animals in an interactive environment.

Pupils that visit KidZania’s Pet Wellbeing Centre will have the opportunity to learn through role-play situations, where children will hear about the five welfare needs, including environment, diet, behaviour, companionship and health.

In addition, they can examine real-life animal x-rays and even ‘perform surgery’ on a poorly pet, while Lily’s Kitchen will focus on providing information on how a balanced diet is key to a happy, healthy pet.

As 40% of dogs and cats are now overweight or obese in the UK and 35% of vets state that obesity  will be among the biggest welfare issues over the next ten years if not tackled, the activity is thought to help educate kids on pet diet from an early age.

KidZania’s decision to run the activity follows research, which revealed that 85% of children have never heard of the five animal welfare needs and just 26% have been taught how to care for pets at school.

About Kidzania

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