Sea Life London Aquarium has announced plans for a new permanent exhibition called Ocean Invaders: Enter the World of the Jellyfish, confirmed to open next Easter.

Ocean Invaders

The new exhibition is predicted to be the largest jellyfish facility in the UK, and will be made up of three interactive zones called Discover, Understand and Wow.

In the first area, Discover, students will explore the world of the jellyfish and find out about their lifecycle and survival skills.

The journey will continue into the Understand zone, where visitors will learn about the names and habits of various jellyfish species, including the most dangerous ones.

Ocean Invaders will end with the Wow area where students will be surrounded by a ‘jelly fish invasion’ – expect tanks full of jellyfish on all sides.

A variety of species will be on display including the common Moon jellyfish, the Upside Down jellyfish (that lives on its back) and the Japanese Sea Nettles that have long stinging tentacles in reds and purples.

What can pupils do?

Oceans Invaders is described as an immersive and sensory experience as well as a visual one; a number of activities can be undertaken throughout the three zones. 

Students visiting the new exhibition will get to learn about the most mysterious and dangerous jellyfish species; create their own digital jellyfish as well as find out what a swarm looks like; and test the sting strength of a variety of jellyfish species.

Teachers can opt to book their class onto a Behind the Scenes Jellyfish Tour that will allow students to get even closer to these fascinating creatures as well as witness the extensive breeding programme that takes place at Sea Life London.

Ticket information

Entry to the Ocean Invaders exhibition will be included in general admission price.

Teachers booking tickets for Key Stages 1 and 2 students will receive one free ticket for every five purchased, or one free for every ten when booking for Key Stage 3 pupils.

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