The new exhibition in London Waterloo, now on until June 2019, will see students educated on Nelson Mandela’s journey from childhood to becoming South Africa’s first black president.

Nelson Mandela

Source: Peter Morey

A photograph of Nelson Mandela wearing a headdress, as part of the new Nelson Mandela exhibition.

The exhibition, Mandela: The Official Exhibition, is being described as an essential cultural and educational experience and tells the story of Nelson Mandela using scenic recreations and immersive presentations.

Featuring previously unseen film, photos and displays of over 150 historical artefacts, the exhibition gives an insight into the people, places and events that Nelson Mandela encountered, as well as the challenges he faced.

More about the new exhibition

The immersive multi-media experience explores the life of Nelson Mandela and will see students encounter him as a child, before they then explore how each stage of his life shaped his journey to become the globally recognised face of the anti-apartheid struggle and South Africa’s first black president.

With ties to History, Politics, Citizenship, Religious Education, Philosophy and Ethics, among other subjects, the exhibition is most suitable for groups aged 11 and over.

Content within the galleries can be linked directly to humanities based curriculums covering global politics and history, identity, belonging, human rights, reconciliation, social justice and more.

To support those visiting the exhibition, more than 20 free curriculum-based resources have been created, which are free for teachers to download and can be used during a visit, or for pre or post visit learning.

Each resource contains factual information, activity ideas and many also include a tool that can be printed out and used for tasks during a visit.

The resources can be used to link to humanities subjects such as History, Geography and Sociology, creative subjects such as English and Drama or cross-curricular routes such as Social, Moral, Cultural and Spiritual (SMSC) and Citizenship subjects, among others.

Information for teachers

Pre-booked school groups of ten or more can benefit from discounted rates.

Teachers can contact Alton Brown on 07871 805198/ or Caroline Kamana on 07871 894969/ for more information on booking a school visit.

To find out more about the exhibition, visit

Nelson Mandela wearing headdress given to him by King Xolilzwe Sigcawu (Photo Credit: Peter Morey)