Shakespeare’s New Place is one of 12 locations that can be seen through a new phone app called England’s Historic Cities, which is described as an ‘augmented reality product.”

Shakespeare's New Place

England’s Historic Cities is free and can be downloaded on phones, meaning it can be accessed by pupils on a school trip to aid learning outcomes. The app can be used in 12 locations in England and allows pupils to explore the secrets of some of history’s most fascinating characters through digital channels before, during and after their visits. 

The cities that the app can be used in include: Bath, Canterbury, Cambridge, Carlisle, Chester, Durham, Greenwich, Lancaster, Lincoln, Oxford, Salisbury, Stratford-upon-Avon and York. The app can be accessed and downloaded here

Discover Shakespeare through virtual reality 

At Shakespeare’s New Place, the app offers insights into Shakespeare as the savvy investor, keen entrepreneur and expert social networker, and his rise to become the most recognised, and one of the wealthiest, playwrights of his age. 

The augmented reality experience will show users where he lived and worked, and focus on his personal life.

Helen Peters, chief executive at Shakespeare’s England, the Destination Management Organisation for Warwickshire, said: “This project enables us to show a more modern face and offer people in this digital age an exciting new way to explore history from a fresh perspective.”

More about Shakespeare’s New Place

Shakespeare’s New Place re-opened in August 2016 following the transformation of the site where Shakespeare had his family home for 19 years, and where he died in 1616.

Gardens, new sculptures and a dynamic exhibition showcase Shakespeare the writer, family man and prominent businessman as never seen before. 

Shakespeare’s England has a large school offering with downloadable resources, workshops and tailored visits available at each of the Shakespearean locations. Teachers can arrange familiarisation and risk assessment trips, and school rates are also available.

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Lead image: Shakespeare’s New Place (photo credit: Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust)