For this November, Emirates Spinnaker Tower is offering schools a 50 per cent discount on entry for groups of 15 or more.

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The discount means schools can visit the iconic 170-meter observation tower in Portsmouth for less this winter.

Schools visiting the attraction can learn more about the city of Portsmouth, find out about land use, distinguish between physical and manmade features or simply learn about the 1,700 years of history behind the view.

Teachers can also download an array of educational resources to help support their visit to the tower.

One example is the A Rising Tide worksheet, which is for all Key Stages studying PSHE and Science, and can be used before or after a visit to the tower.

The main learning outcomes relating to this worksheet  are:

•    To show an increasing awareness and developing interest in their environment
•    To know what a tide is and how the moon effects the earth’s tidal systems
•    To recognise the environmental impacts of global warming and how people can prevent it

The Emirates Spinnaker Tower has also teamed up with Visit Portsmouth to offer joint tickets for schools wanting to extend their visit with a guided walking tour around Portsmouth.

The experience will begin at the city’s historic 13th century Royal Garrison Church and pupils will explore Portsmouth on a guided tour, followed by a visit to the viewing tower.

Here, they will receive another tour, this time discovering details of the tower’s history, construction and key viewpoints.

About Emirates Spinnaker Tower

The Emirates Spinnaker Tower features three viewing decks and 350 degree views that allow schools to see for up to 23 miles.

The tower also boasts a Sky Walk, free audio guides and interactive i-VIEW touch screens.

Last year marked the 10th birthday of the tower.

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