A workshop at Legoland

Teachers planning a school trip to Legoland next year can take advantage of discounted rates for advanced 2017 bookings.

A student ticket to Legoland includes full day entry to the Legoland Windsor Resort where 55 rides and attractions can be enjoyed; free coach parking; and two free teacher places.

Teachers can also add on workshops or packed lunches at an extra cost per student.

Legoland workshops

Legoland offers workshops across the STEM board as well as in subjects like English and History, all of which can adapted for different Key Stages and abilities.

Examples of workshops available to book in 2017 include:

Lego Therapy: a workshop that focuses on the development of communication and social skills through Lego. In teams of three, pupils will take turns at being a Lego supplier, architect or builder, all working together to complete a model.

Lego Artist: this session supports learning in Art and Technology. The school group will discover a world of 2D and 3D Lego buildings, then draw their own pre-work analysis before creating a sculpture using Lego bricks.

Story Starter: suitable for Key Stages 1 and 2, this session links to English studies and boosts writing, speaking and listening skills. In groups of three, pupils will collaboratively plan and create a visual sequence with Lego bricks, to make an ordered structure to a story.

Lego Gears and Pulleys: this workshop links to Science for Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils. The class will explore and understand how gears and pulleys feature in everyday life. Pupils will become Lego engineers and construct more than one mechanical Lego model, allowing them to investigate and understand these concepts.

Make a booking

To make a 2017 school booking, call 0871-4232 280 or e-mail activelearning@legoland.co.uk.

For further information visit www.legoland.co.uk.