The Warwick Castle Science Fair will take place on Friday 24th March 2017 in Warwickshire.

The Warwick Castle Science Fair

The event offers Primary and Secondary pupils with an outside the classroom learning experience; teachers planning a trip can expect a number of learning opportunities linking to STEM subjects.

The science festival will combine both a Big Bang Fair event with shows and demonstrations from Mad Science and other UK science organisations that will take place throughout the day.

The content in Mad Science shows in particular is aligned with the National Curriculum, and pupils can learn about a number of topics, from sound and light waves to physical and chemical matter.

What to expect at the Warwick Castle Science Fair

Pupils can meet over 30 science organisations from across the UK in the Big Bang Fair Arena, including an Exotic Zoo workshop area that looks at amazing and exotic animals from around the world.

There will be a 360 degree digital planetarium provided by Immersive Theatres, as well as the chance to meet Tiny T – the 12-feet long animatronic T-REX provided by Mad Science.

Students can also explore the world of Witchcraft & Wizardry in another show by Mad Science, which is a new feature for 2017.

Meanwhile, the Fire and Ice show will be returning in an explosive fashion, and a live rocket show comprising displays of water rockets soaring over 100-metres into the air.

Shows will last approximately 30 minutes each.

Helpful information

There is one free teacher ticket for every five paying Primary pupils or every ten Secondary pupils.

Free coach parking is available, as are free teacher planning tickets for two, a welcome pack containing risk assessments, and suggested itinerary’s to help plan the trip.

For further information, or to book tickets, visit