A new campaign called Every Child Should has been launched in the UK and aims to promote making school trips, residentials and travel accessible to all children.

Credit YHA

Every Child Should, led by Anita Kerwin-Nye and Matt Overd, both long-term advocates and deliverers of enrichment activity in and out of school, aims to ensure all children can access a rich and rounded set of experiences, including school trips and learning outside the classroom.  

With new research revealing that almost one in ten children aged between five and 16 are suffering from clinically significant mental health illnesses in England, there’s never been a more crucial time for the issue to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds. 

Every Child Should

Every Child Should will launch at the beginning of 2018 and involve debates around the things that all children should have access to and how we, as a society, make sure they do. 

Anita commented at the recent CLOtC Conference: “It will involve a series of questions and briefings on the debate and we’ll be starting to highlight the organisations and schools doing it well through case studies. The third area will be trying to form, and potentially fundraise for, new collaborations and approaches and putting some of that in practice. 

“We’ll be publishing our emerging curriculum and manifesto that we think every child should have. 2018 will be about trying to set the agenda.”

Anita acknowledged there’ll be difficult times ahead: “It’ll involve us all asking tough questions – why don’t children all have equal access to certain things such as learning outdoors and school trips? Some of the solutions will be uncomfortable but we have to at least express that and find a way of dealing with it.” 

More details are to follow in the New Year.

For more information and updates on the campaign, you can visit everychildshould.uk

Image: Credit YHA