The series of new workshops and activities will tie in with the curriculum for the 2017/2018 academic year. 

British Motor Museum

Teachers and pupils will have the chance to explore the British Motor Museum, in Warwick, through a series of new workshops and activities whilst being able to discover the collections of British motor vehicles on display.

New workshops for 2017/18

History Detectives ties in with the Key Stage 2 History and Science curriculum with a challenge to find a stolen trophy around the museum. Pupils will become a detective and learn about crime solving techniques from the Victorians to the present day. Under the guidance of a ‘police officer’, pupils will handle objects from the collection, take their fingerprints, break codes to solve clues and question suspects during their visit.

Engineering Apprentices tackles the STEM curriculum for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3. During this workshop pupils will explore the history of racing and use their engineering skills to build a Jaguar D-type remote control racing car from the chassis up. The step by step workshop encourages team work and thinking skills while expanding Technology, Engineering and Mathematics knowledge and skills. 

Curriculum Weeks

The museum will also be offering a series of Curriculum Weeks starting with WWI History Week from 25th – 29th September and aimed at Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4. It will give pupils an exciting day of immersive learning with role play activities and object handling.

Children will join ‘Tommy in the Trenches’, visit the Casualty Clearing Station and meet a member of the Tank Corps. There is also an opportunity to explore the replica Mark IV Tank on loan from The Tank Museum and used in the hit movie ‘War Horse’.

Teachers wanting to book Curriculum Weeks or school workshops can email or call 01926 927827.

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