Regency building

In June, the British Academy will open the doors to its historic London building for the first ever Summer Showcase, a free festival of ideas with a dedicated Secondary school day.

From hands-on activities to talks and live music performances, the two-day festival will showcase the latest thinking in the Humanities and Social Sciences. 

The showcase will take place in the British Academy’s Regency building and gardens on Carlton House Terrace in central London.

School and college groups from KS4 and KS5 are invited to visit on Friday 22nd June. From History to Music, Geography to Psychology, students will be able to meet the leading minds behind cutting-edge research and explore subjects beyond the curriculum.  

What will the festival involve?

There will be 15 interactive displays which will bring to life ideas about what it means to be human, past, present and future.

Students will be able to experience how our ancestors used to sleep, make their own Tudor sleep remedy and pick up top sleep tips from throughout history.

Visitors will also get to ‘try on a new diet’ using facial transformation software, to discover how food and lifestyle affect how you are seen.

Explore the depiction of the history and culture of the American ‘Wild West’ in retro videogames and listen to piano performances from a rising star in South African jazz as he explains the thinking behind his work.

Groups will be able to talk to researchers and find out more about their subjects, as well as take part in hands-on activities and listen to engaging short talks from leading academics.

Entrance is free but for school groups with more than eight, booking is required.

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