Bletchley Park is calling on schools to take part in its new virtual learning sessions, which aims to bring the best of the attraction to the classroom, and demonstrate how popular it they can be,  so that jobs within its learning team can be saved.

Bletchley Park

Children on a previous visit to the attraction.

In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the education team has created an online programme which aims to bring the best of the attraction to the classroom. So far there hasn’t been enough time to prove if there is interest in the online sessions to offset losses from the on-site programme, which could result in a number of staff within the learning team losing their positions.

The virtual session involves an online tour of the historic attraction, a demonstration and workshop activities suitable for both primary and secondary-aged children.

More details

During the sessions, pupils are encouraged to ask questions, solve challenges, work through and engage in a live video conference discussion with one of the attraction’s learning specialists.

Pre-downloadable paper learning packs have been designed for each student to support social distancing and individual use requirements.

To receive a virtual visit, teachers will need an internet connected audio and video enabled device with a webcam. Sessions are accessed via a link provided.

”Thank you so much for today’s session, it was great. We were really impressed with the quality of the session and time allocated to each part.”

Brooksward School, July 2019

Teachers will also be offered an optional 15-minute pre-session online meeting with a member of the Bletchley Park Learning team, scheduled within the fortnight prior to the learning experience.

This gives teachers a chance to test the software, ask questions and enable the team to tailor the session to the needs of the students.

The activities within a session will be centred around a different theme: codes and ciphers, interception to intelligence, story of enigma, story of Lorenz or breaking Lorenz. Each workshop typically lasts 90 minutes. 

To book a session, email or to find out more information, visit