The museum of London has revealed Beasts of London, a new immersive, digital experience that will ‘take you and your pupils on a journey through the capital’s past.’

Beasts of London School Session

Source: Museum of London

The experience will take your pupils on a journey.

The experience uncovers the role animals have played in shaping the capital, from the Roman era to Medieval London, up until modern day.

Pupils will discover the rich history of the animals from the ‘beasts’ themselves, which features encounters with digital lions and elephants, to horses, rats and pigeons.

The journey begins before London was even created, guiding pupils through the city’s history with the help of its animal narrators.

One Key Stage 1 teacher told the Museum of London that the trip was a “Great visual, eye-catching, fun experience.” and that, “Pupils learnt lots about animals and London’s history and will write and draw about their favourite beast back in class.”

Another Key Stage 3 teacher, added: “Everybody was amazed. They were all inspired and kept asking more questions about the history of London. We will recommend the show to other teachers.”

Beasts of London School Session

Source: Museum of London

The experience also includes how the Plague affected the city.

Beasts of London for schools

A teacher’s guide to help plan the trip can be downloaded here

For a small additional fee, teachers can also complete a form to collect goody bags for the whole class when leaving the experience. 

The goody bags contain 4 items each and provide a saving of 75p per bag than buying the items separately from the gift shop.

Further information

There must be one adult to every five children for Key Stages 1 and 2 and One adult for every ten children for Key Stages 3 and 4.

Schools must confirm the final number of pupils attending the experience at least six weeks in advance. Additional students may be added after the booking confirmation and can be paid for in advance or on the day.

UK school groups go free when booking weekday tickets before 12.45pm.

For more information about Beasts of London, visit