Chessington World of Adventures in Chessington will start the academic year with a selection of career events for schools.

Chessington World of Adventures Resort

The career events will be taking place on 28th and 29th September and 8th and 9th October at Chessington World of Adventures Resort and will be suitable for pupils of all ages.

What will the events entail?

Primary pupils will be able to discover what it takes to run a theme park and zoo and learn all about the different job roles at Chessington.

Secondary students will be able to explore how their school subjects relate to the careers at the resort and gain an insight into the variety of career paths taken by staff members.

During the event, pupils will attend free interactive careers talks delivered by members of staff from across the resort, from zookeepers and technical engineers, to marketers and ride designers. 

The talks, which will be tailored for Primary and Secondary will provide students with an opportunity to ask questions about what their jobs entail on a day to day basis and gain an understanding of how particular subjects are used in a real life context.

To enable pupils to explore even further they will also be provided with a brand new Career Exploration Guide to complete as they make their way round the theme park which will be full of specially designed activities.

Schools at Chessington

There are plenty of activities and workshops available for school visits to Chessington World of Adventures to give pupils a trip that is both fun and educational. 

Earlier this year the theme park introduced a new Gruffalo ride which can be combined with a Gruffalo focused workshop, tying in with the English curriculum.

School ticket rates are also available.

For teachers looking to book the careers event, you can visit