Neon tubes

Neon School in Brighton is an art studio on Brighton seafront that designs and builds industry neon lighting, and workshops that can support Art studies are available there for students.

Workshops are available for small school groups on selected dates. 2017 dates include 21st and 22nd February, and 14th and 15th March. Custom dates can also be arranged.

The sessions can be linked to Art & Design studies, and involve a hands-on experience of making neon lighting. A visit is suitable for older students, and includes the use of glass and gas.

What happens on the course?

Founder Andy Doig will take students on what he describes as ‘a neon rollercoaster’, from the very early stages of design through to blowing glass, filling it with neon and lighting it up.

Pupils are able to make anything they like out of 150cm of neon. The Neon School provides all the equipment and materials needed, including a transformer, glass and gas.

The making process includes bending glass tubing into a shape to later be illuminated. At the end of the course students will walk away with a piece of neon sculpture each.

More about Neon School

Andy Doig started making ‘neons’ for artist commissions in 1992. Clients included Liliane Lijn Pure Evil, Tina Keene, and Mark Anstee.

Teachers can find out more about Neon School by filling in the contact form at

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