The BBC Earth Experience in London invites pupils to go around the world in an hour, exploring the inhabitants of our seven continents, with the help of Sir David Attenborough. 

BBC Earth Experience

Source: Philip Volkers

School resources are available for groups visiting the BBC Earth Experience in London with links across Science, Geography and PSHE.

Activity booklets available for school groups have been designed to inspire children and develop their understanding, empathy and desire to protect the planet. 

Suitable for all Key Stages, the BBC Earth Experience has opened in The Daikin Centre in Earl’s Court and features three breakout zones, taking viewers on a 360-degree audio-visual journey. It includes footage and music from the BBC series Seven Worlds, One Planet

A journey down to the ocean floor in the Water Life room allows pupils to interact with life below the waves. After they have explored mesmerising landscapes and endless oceans, meeting their extraordinary inhabitants, they will hear a special message in the Earth Room from Sir David Attenborough, inspiring them to think about what they can do to protect the amazing planet.

Seven Worlds, One Planet

The series is said to be BBC One’s most-watched factual TV show of 2019. More than 1,500 people worked on the show with 92 shoots across 41 countries, revealing an unseen wilderness of Earth’s diverse continents.

The BBC Earth Experience features landscapes and animals from across the seven continents of the world. Groups will be immersed in a forest full of fireflies and a  colourful carpet of starfish, finding themselves witness to a four-tonne elephant seal fight.

Teacher guides and activity packs are available for KS1-3 groups and there are special rates for schools including one free teacher with every ten pupils (all year round).

BBC Earth Experience

Source: Philip Volkers

The immersive attraction in Earl’s Court invites children to take part in a unique adventure.

Resources have links across the following:

  • Science: habitats and microhabitats, food chains, the needs of plants and animals for survival, life cycles, classifications and adaptations.
  • Geography: global biomes, oceans, sustainability, weather and climate.
  • PSHE (KS1): learning about the things pupils can do to help look after the environment.
  • PSHE (KS2): ways of carrying out shared responsibilities for protecting the environment (what they can do at home and school).

The experience itself is self-guided and each booking includes access to an indoor classroom space. Coach drop-offs and pick-ups must be pre-booked.

Schools can book by calling 0800 852 7244 or emailing

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