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For educational visits coordinators and teachers organising school trips, from School Travel Organiser

This annual publication offers real value throughout the year and whether you’re a novice, or have delivered successful LOtC for years, we’re confident you will find plenty of great content inside from both teachers, practitioners and providers.

Teachers that have been there and got the t-shirt give their views. Such as Chris Wilson, educational visits coordinator and deputy headteacher at Hammersmith Academy in London, who said: “We make sure that we research any trip or residential in detail, including speaking to other schools and educational professionals for feedback and looking at testimonials. Each trip has to fulfil a list of criteria to ensure it is both worthwhile for the students and cost effective.”

And it’s opinions like this that can get you thinking.

Plus, there are plenty of useful tips for schools to take away, including how to organise your first ever ski trip, why evaluating residentials is so important and the considerations needed to organise visits for pupils with SEND.

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Offering practical advice, essential guidance, inspiration of where to go and real-life examples, the Learning Outside the Classroom Yearbook has been created to make your job that little bit easier.

Diving deeper, looking at the whole journey

The LOtC Yearbook dives a bit deeper into the school trip organising process and acts as an essential reference tool at every stage of the visit; from coming up with your first school trip idea, all the way to running the visits, and then how you keep on reaping the benefits when back in school.

There’s also an A-Z about some of the best school trip destinations across the UK, alternative overseas visits for all interests and how to get good value from your educational visits.

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All of this and more is in the 2024 edition of the Learning Outside the Classroom Yearbook. So, dive in and see how the Yearbook can help and inspire you.

“The Yearbook is a wonderful resource and great read for all those planning school visits. It’s full of straightforward advice, case studies and inspirational ideas written by those with experience of delivering high quality visits and residentials for pupils of all ages to a wide range of destinations. Most importantly, many of the features have been written by teachers themselves, sharing their expertise, practical advice and experience.” - Learning Away expert Peter Carne, OBE


More valuable advice…

You can still read the 2023 Learning Outside the Classroom Yearbook, which includes relevant advice and top tips from teachers and experts.

Highlights inside the 2023 edition include a guide through each stage of the residential planning process, how to choose the correct school travel provider for your needs and more guidance from those in the know. You can read the 2023 digital edition by clicking the button below.

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