The team at School Travel Organiser are delighted to bring you our first edition of the Learning Outside the Classroom Yearbook, in print and online.

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For educational visits coordinators and teachers organising school trips

We have long felt there was a need for an annual publication that could offer real value throughout the year, something that offered practical advice, thought-provoking content, inspiring ideas, and how to find the best help and support. Don’t worry, there is a lot out there… you are not alone.

Whether you are a novice, or have delivered successful LOtC for years, we are confident you will find plenty of great content inside from both teachers, practioners and providers.

Teachers that have been there and got the t-shirt give their views. Such as Lewis Gadsby, educational visits coordinator at Swanwick School and Sports College, Derbyshire who said: “A risk-free activity often does not provide the stimulus for creative thinking, problem solving and emotional development.”

And it’s opinions like this that can get you thinking.

Plus, there are plenty of useful tips for schools to take away. Jo Harris, education training officer for the Field Studies Council said: “Think cross-curricular: a destination which is good for studying geography, for example, also probably has something to offer for English, history, possibly languages, and maybe even science and art. Being able to offer a trip to a wider group of students will help spread the fixed costs.”

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Offering practical advice, essential guidance, inspiration of where to go and real-life examples, the Learning Outside the Classroom Yearbook has been created to make your job that little bit easier.

Diving deeper, looking at the whole journey

With the LOtC Yearbook we wanted to dive a bit deeper and bring you a publication that acts as an essential reference throughout the whole organising process; from coming up with your first school trip idea, all the way to running the visits, and then how you keep on reaping the benefits when back in school.

In a feature focused on how you embed learning when back in the classroom, expert Peter Carne OBE argued: “The notion of any learning outside the classroom experience being a ‘stand-alone’ event and not embedded into the learning for pupils is surely one that must be seen as outdated.”

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All of this and more is in the 2023 edition of the Learning Outside the Classroom Yearbook. So, dive in and see how the Yearbook can help and inspire you.

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