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If you’re finding yourself stuck for ideas on where and when to go on a school trip next year, here’s some inspiration about where to go and the best time to go.

Tour operator WST Travel has created a ‘school trip’ calendar looking at some key events teachers should be aware of. We’ve also added in a few additional excursions and destinations to consider planning for your students next year: 


Schools visiting London’s National History Museum’s ‘Life in the Dark’ exhibition before 6th January will be able to put their senses to the test in the underwater light exhibition.

Those visiting after that date will still be able to participate in the other exhibitions running throughout January. Other exhibitions include 'Cutting Edge' which will have students investigating how teeth relate to diet and the interactive 'Dino Scene' Investigation workshop, which will have students performing their own fossil digs.

Image: Ackworth - Paris (Photo Credit: WST Travel)


London is home to the largest Chinese New Year celebrations outside of Europe. The celebrations, held on the 5th February around Chinatown and the West End, will consist of a colourful parade, free performances and an array of cultural activities.


England isn’t renowned for its good weather in March, but Florida is. Visit from March until May to enjoy the Sunshine State at its best.

If you’re looking for something a little closer to home then Mont Saint-Michel is a worthy European alternative. Pupils will be able to practise their French language skills, whilst also enjoying the good weather and fewer crowds.


Not only is April the best time to see the 400,000 tulips in bloom as part of the Amsterdam Tulip Festival, it’s also the time of the year when the Dutch celebrate their monarch’s birthday.

Koningsdag (King’s Day) will be held on the 27th April next year, so it’s worth considering booking a trip to Amsterdam over this date. Citywide celebrations will include a street market, live music and free festivities. It’s a great time of the year to teach students of the culture of the city, and visiting schools could also tie in a historical visit to the Anne Frank House. 


With International Museum Day on the 19th May next year, it’s a great time to book a school trip to a museum.

London is home to a wide array of attractions for your school trip, including the Science Museum, Natural History Museum and the British Museum but with nearly 200 museums, Berlin also has plenty to offer to visiting schools.

Notable attractions include the Berlin Story Museum, Deutsches Historisches Museum and the Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR) Museum.  

Top tip: Many museums also offer free entry, free guided tours and host special events on the day so it’s worth enquiring ahead of time.


From the 7th to the 9th June next year, Berlin will host the Carnival of Cultures. The spring festivities will see the streets come alive with costumes, dance, music and rituals. The grand parade will close the celebration on the Sunday, which is also the Christian feast day of Pentecost.


Schools visiting Liverpool next July will be able to view the ‘Magic Realism: Art in Weimar Germany 1919-33’ exhibition at the Tate Liverpool until 14th July.

Those heading across the channel to Paris before 29th July should take the time to visit the ‘Forgotten Kingdoms Heirs of the Hittite Empire’ at the Louvre.


A trip to New York can be as educational as can be exciting, with opportunities to tie in visits to famous landmarks with a range of subjects including History, Geography, the Arts and Politics.

Schools could visit the Empire State Building Observatory, the Statue of Liberty or coincide a trip with a Broadway show while the tourist crowds are not quite so overwhelming.

Image: UWS Grography - Iceland (Photo Credit: WST Travel)


October to March is apparently the best time to see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) in Iceland.

However, even if you aren’t quite lucky enough to spot the Northern Lights, a trip to Iceland can still help to enhance your Geography lessons outside of the classroom with excursions to see geysers, volcanoes and waterfalls.


A school trip to the Bay of Naples can tie in well with History and Geography subjects. An excursion to Pompeii during November will see you avoid long queues and can be a great opportunity to teach pupil’s about tectonic plates and the impacts of tourism.

Meanwhile, visiting Naples this month will give you the opportunity to miss the high temperatures experienced at other times of the year and can really help to bring to life the time of the Romans.


Spread some Christmas cheer by booking a school trip to a Christmas market. In the run up to the festive period, Bruges in Belgium and Lille in France are great options for those looking for a traditional market atmosphere.

A trip to either market will also provide a brilliant opportunity for your students to practice their foreign language skills in a real-life situation.

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Main Image: Ackworth School in Paris (Photo Credit: WST)