Blue Bell Hill Primary School

STO’s Laura Sexton reviews Blue Bell Hill Primary School’s trip to the London Bridge Experience & London Tombs. 

Thrilling, very scary and lots of fun. That’s how some of the students and staff described a school trip to The London Bridge Experience & London Tombs. 

After winning a Golden Ticket last year’s School Travel Awards ceremony, Blue Bell Hill Primary School in Nottingham won a visit to take a group of Year 6 pupils to the award-winning attraction in the capital. 

School Travel Organiser had the privilege of joining the 41 children and accompanying staff on what turned out to be a truly memorable experience. 

The adventure included educational talks from some impressive and scary actors who took the pupils through different eras of London Bridge’s history, from the ages of Brave Heart to the Great Fire of London. Using interactive scenery and sights, sounds and smells of time, the attraction transported the children and staff to bygone eras. 

The pupils were very engaged and sat attentively listening to the actors as they taught wicked History lessons.

The second part of the trip involved entering the London Tombs, a self-led experience which involves different scenes with actors jumping out; the children were very brave! 

The London Bridge Experience

Pictured: Inside The London Bridge Experience.

From creepy dolls to a funhouse and zombies, the London Tombs gave everyone a fun fright and the sounds of screaming and laughter from both the children, and staff, were heard throughout the tombs.

The Year 6 group from Blue Bell Hill were incredibly well-behaved during the visit and were a credit to their teachers, who carried School Travel Organiser’s mascot, Teacher Ted around on the visit too. After the experience, the pupils described it as ‘really scary’ but ‘so fun’. 

Blue Bell teacher and director business and community, Nic Williams, said: “We’ve had a really good time. We were nervous about it but actually it’s been so much fun. The kids have been squealing, there has been plenty of screaming but lots of laughter too.

“I think what’s nice about it is you learn about the history of London too so while we were in there the kids were able to talk about London Bridge. 

“It has the fun element but also a very good educational aspect.”

During the educational part of the visit you could hear the pupils joining in and shouting out the answers, showing how much they had absorbed about London’s history. Everyone felt included and any pupils who were a little bit frightened were well looked after.

For schools considering a visit but concerned about it being too scary: the attraction offers a Guardian Angel scheme, where frightened children feel a bit more protected, and sells glow sticks which Blue Bell Hill took advantage of, allowing the children a little more light as they walked around the darkened corridors.

Overall the school had a fantastic time and experienced history that they will remember for ever. 

Teachers looking to book a visit can enjoy special group rates and free educational packs to aid a trip.

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