Top destinations that teachers should have on their radar for 2019 as suggested by STA Travel.


Top destinations that teachers should have on their radar for 2019 as suggested by STA Travel.


Charismatic, quirky and overflowing with bridges, yes, we’re talking about Amsterdam. One of the most multicultural cities in the world, Amsterdam has recently become a ‘must visit’ destination for students of all subjects. 

History – Visiting Anne Frank’s House tops every history student’s bucket list. This museum’s a devastating reminder of the effects of World War Two. Other history sites include: The Jewish Historical Museum, Resistance Museums and Camp Vught National Memorial.

Art – There’s no better destination for students to get their creative juices flowing. From Rijksmuseum to the Van Gogh Museums, Amsterdam’s got something to offer every student, even a wacky museum dedicated to bags and purses.


Rome is home to 3.7 million people, 900 churches and 280 fountains. Each year 9.6 million people visit the Eternal City, with more than a handful of students hitting its streets. Ever wondered how Rome shaped the world? It’s provided us with the 12th month calendar, roads and even the flushing toilet. Here’s a fact to share with your students, Rome has an entire museum dedicated to pasta.

History – All roads lead to Rome. With a history dating back to 735 BC, what’s on the agenda for your history buffs? A trip to the Colosseum, Roman Forum and the Pantheon will never date.

Religious studies – Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were its places of worship: The Vatican City, The Colosseum and the Pantheon. Rome oozes Catholicism and sub-religions, making it the perfect place for your students to learn.



Students will say Hola to Barcelona (pictured above). A city renowned for its architecture and delicious food. Barcelona was actually supposed to be the home of the Eiffel Tower, however it was decided that the sculpture was too “radical” and didn’t fit the aesthetic of the city. 

Art – Barcelona’s a city which offers the perfect fusion of art, fashion and architecture. From the Sagrada Familia to the Museu Picasso, Museum of Contemporary Art & famous Park Guell, there’s so much for your student to do.

Sports- You shouldn’t be surprised to hear that football is popular in Barcelona. In fact, Barcelona hosts the largest football stadium in Europe: Camp Nou, home of F.C. Barcelona. So, if your students are football mad, a trip to Barcelona will be a score.


A city once divided in two that has come together to become the ‘cool kid of Europe’. Think cutting edge architecture, vibrant culture and all the Bratwurst your students can eat. Berlin has transformed from a centre of war and segregation to an educational hub.

History –Berlin’s a pivotal city in the history of the world, known for the role it played in the Cold War, World War Two and the Nazi regime. However, modern-day Berlin is more liberal and welcoming than ever before. What’s a trip to Berlin without a visit to The Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie or the Brandenburg Gate? 

STEM – Berlin’s overflowing with inspiring innovation. In fact, the first computer, the Z1, was built here in 1938, and your group will be able to see a replica of it in the German Museum of Technology. 


Brussels is an up and coming educational destination, so if you’re wanting to beat the crowd, it’s time to start thinking about planning. What is there to see in Brussels? The Grand Palace, The Atomium and Cinquantenaire top the list.

Politics - Brussels has been the political capital of Europe since the end of World War Two. Your students can find the headquarters of the European Union, European Parliament, European Commission and NATO here. Is there a more influential political city in the world?

New York 

New York has topped the list for both educational groups and tourists alike. Each year 60 million people visit the Big Apple. When it comes to educational trip, New York’s been a trendsetter for years. Don’t worry there will be no shortage of things for your students to do in the city that never sleeps. 

Fashion and Design – New York has been the epitome of glitz and glamour for years, with fashion icons Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs and Jimmy Choo all walking these pavements. Here your students can visit the FIT Museum and if they’re lucky watch a real-life runway during fashion week.

Media – Clapper boards at the ready, it’s time to explore New York. New York City has also been the backdrop to many iconic shows. Why not treat your students to one of the show tours around the city? 

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