We were among the first to try out LEGOLAND’s new rollercoaster, Minifigure Speedway. Here’s what we thought. 

LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort's Minifigure Speedway

Riders reach speeds of up to 56kmh on the new high-octane rollercoaster. 

School Travel Organiser’s Gavin Seljamae-Waite went along, with his family, to check out the much-anticipated new attraction which opened on 6th April. He shares his highlights…

The fast paced ride is the world’s first LEGO® themed duelling rollercoaster, providing a unique experience which uses state-of-the-art technology to immerse riders into a giant dual-track Lego speedway circuit.

GLT's senior graphic designer Gavin in front of LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort's Minifigure Speedway

Gavin and his family loved LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort’s Minifigure Speedway.

The theming and attention to detail are incredible. You are met at the track by the world’s tallest minifigure, Roxie, who stands at an impressive 30 feet and weighs more than six tonnes.

Riders are then put into two rival teams, the Legends and the Allstars, to race against each other at high octane speeds of up to 56 km/h, and if that wasn’t enough to whet the appetite of the most ardent thrill seeker, the exhilarating chase then continues in reverse. The £10m Minifigure Speedway is sure to race into pole position to become a firm favourite for all visitors at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort.

Educational workshop highlights at LEGOLAND

Robotics Primary – SPIKE Essential: students will build and programme their own interactive model covering key computing topics including coding, repetition in programs, debugging, inputs & outputs and algorithms using the brand new LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential kits.

Around the World: pupils identify and locate the earth’s continents and oceans on the bespoke LEGO® map. Ideal for Key Stage 1-2 students, linked to geography, the session explores famous landmarks, animals and buildings.

Science of Rollercoasters: this workshop brings science to life, exploring how gravity, friction, air resistance, weight and momentum all work together on a rollercoaster. Aimed at Key Stage 2&3, pupils will be tasked with designing and building their own LEGO Rollercoaster ensuring all forces are in balance allowing the rollercoaster to function correctly.

You can find what other workshops are available by clicking here

Of course, the fun at LEGOLAND does not end there. There are more than 55 rides and attractions for the whole family to enjoy, including the jaw-dropping Flight of the Sky Lion, the UK’s first ever flying theatre.

This must-visit attraction stands at over 65 feet high and transports you to a mythical universe where your magical lion guide, Maximus, will navigate you on a flying gondola through the enchanting landscapes, and protect you from the many magical and unique creatures you will meet on your journey.


LEGO® MYTHICA, which opened in 2021, is another great attraction at the Resort. 

The theatre itself also provides the ultimate photo opportunity - an enormous Maximus the Sky Lion, made from in excess of 685,000 LEGO bricks. 

A real advantage on the day was downloading the free LEGOLAND app, which provides up to the minute queue times and show times, making planning our day so much easier.

Best of all, the app allows you to use the first of its kind augmented reality experience, in which you scan the QR codes dotted around the park to complete fun missions and to bring magical Lego creatures to life. Using the augmented reality on the app made even just walking around the park so much fun, and a really unique experience.

We had such an exciting day at LEGOLAND Windsor, and we cannot wait until we can visit again for another race on Minifigure Speedway: Legends vs Allstars, the re-match!

For more information about school visits to LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, go to www.legoland.co.uk/schools.