Royal Albert Hall

A trip to the Royal Albert Hall provides schools with a host of activities and workshops that link to the National Curriculum and are specifically designed for Key Stage 2 and 3.

During a visit, pupils can take a Victorian tour and learn about the history of the building. There is also the chance to experience a schools matinee performance of the Classical Spectacular.

The Royal Albert Hall was opened in 1871 to fulfil Prince Albert’s vision of a central hall to promote the arts and sciences. In keeping with this vision, the hall also offers Maths and Science workshops for school visits. These aim to help children interact with both creative and academic subjects.

School Travel Organiser takes a more in-depth look at what activities are offered for schools at the Royal Albert Hall and how they are educationally beneficial.


Discover Music & Maths and Discover Music & Science are interactive, 90-minute workshops during which pupils use music to gain a greater understanding of key mathematical and scientific principles.

Linking to the Key Stage 2 curriculum, the Maths sessions allows pupils to explore fractions, decimals, percentages, graphs and probability.

The students will leave the Royal Albert Hall having created their own compositions using Maths. 

The Key Stage 3 Science workshop, meanwhile, includes group activities based around sound and light waves, volume and frequency.

These workshops run all throughout the year.

Discover the Victorians

This free tour is specifically designed to meet Key Stage 2 National Curriculum learning objectives for History and Literacy.

Pupils will join two virtual characters from Victorian society on a journey through the historical landmark (RAH), which was opened by Queen Victoria. 

They will learn about the era’s most famous people and their achievements as the world moved forward into the industrial age.

Topics covered include Nightingale and Public Health, Faraday and Electricity, Brunel and Architecture, and Dickens and Literature.

Pictured: The Royal Albert Hall auditorian

Classical Spectacular

This concert is suitable for pupils in Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3, and serves as an introduction to a new world of music. Each year the evening show for the public is accompanied by a matinee for schools. 

Lucy Noble, director of events at the Royal Albert Hall, said: “Education is central to everything we do at the hall – in keeping with Prince Albert’s founding vision – and the activities we offer for schools are engaging, innovative and unforgettable. Children are invited to learn, interact and discover in one of the country’s most iconic buildings.”

More about the Royal Albert Hall

Over the past 145 years the Royal Albert Hall has hosted the likes of Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein and Edward Elgar, to the Beatles, Bob Dylan and Adele.

A variety of entertainment can be seen at the Royal Albert Hall, including classical music, jazz, world music, circus, rock, pop, opera, dance and comedy.

Its Education & Outreach programme reaches more than 150,000 participants each year, and works with schools, young people and the community, as well as charities.

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