Warwick Castle Attack %26 Defence and Crime %26 Punishment

Find out more about the Attack & Defence and Crime & Punishment itinerary at Warwick Castle.

Itinerary: Attack & Defence and Crime & Punishment
Provider: Warwick Castle, Warwickshire
Subjects: History & Citizenship
Key Stage: 3

Warwick Castle brings over 1,000 years of British history vividly to life through its attractions and characters. The education programme covers Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 5 and is designed to be fun and engaging.

Pupils can interact with characters from past centuries, and gain a fascinating insight into the lives of noblemen and commoners. They will learn about key historical events and people, and how they contributed to national achievements.

School visit options include a history tour led by an expert guide with interactive material on an iPad. There are always plenty of additional activities and experiences, including the new Horrible Histories Maze which opened in April that invites students to navigate their way through time and face entertaining challenges along the way.

The education department can suggest sample itineraries and, once booked, teachers receive a pair of complimentary entry tickets to help plan their visit. Booking a package is not compulsory if a school just wishes to pay the entry fee to visit the castle.


10am: Schools arrive by coach and proceed directly to the turnstiles for registration and entry.

10.30am: Classes meet a member of the history team for the Attack & Defence tour. Pupils will learn about the castle’s Medieval defences and discover how fortresses have developed and changed over time. The tour takes school groups around the outside of the building, and pupils can hear about the nasty tricks and surprises the castle defenders had up their sleeves to protect themselves during a siege.

11am: Free time to explore the many towers and castle ramparts.

11.30am: Pupils head to the trebuchet fireball spectacular, where they can watch the world’s largest working siege engine in action.

12pm: Students can delve into the castle’s dark and bloodthirsty history with the Crime & Punishment session. From journeying deep into the castle’s gaol to standing trial in the Great Hall, school groups learn how the successive Earls of Warwick judged criminals, what type of crimes were tried, and how the guilty met a grisly end.

12:30pm: The castle has outdoor picnic areas for packed lunches and a limited number of indoor areas. Sandwich lunches can also be pre-booked.

1:30pm:  Children can watch the agility of the castle’s resident bowman as he explains the techniques and equipment used in his popular historic pastime. Other daily shows include a birds of prey display.

3pm: Depart. Goody bags or spending vouchers for the shop can be arranged in advance.

To find out more call 0871-222 2772 or visit www.warwick-castle.com.