Warwick Castle East Front

Itinerary: Crime & Punishment including Castle Dungeon experience
Provider: Warwick Castle, Warwickshire
Subjects: History
KS: 3

Warwick Castle provides educational groups with enriching and memorable experiences, including live shows and many mind-blowing attractions that bring more than 1,100 years of history to life.

In addition to self-guided tours, a full programme of school tours and workshops aligned to the National Curriculum is available, and Crime & Punishment is an example that is popular with KS3 groups.

10:15am: Meet and greet by the castle’s welcome team, with the teacher being given a useful educational pack.

10.30am: Students head to the Great Hall and meet a castle history expert who leads the group around the castle to discover the dark secrets of the gaol in the interactive Crime & Punishment tour. Pupils will learn how criminals were tried, and how the guilty met a grisly end.

11am: Meet at the bottom of Bear and Clarence Tower where students will embark on an adventure up in the towers and along the ramparts. This includes climbing to the top of Guy’s Tower where they will be able to take in panoramic views of the whole of the 64-acre castle grounds and surrounding landscape.

12pm: Lunch in the dedicated school lunch hall.

1pm: Students descend below ground for the Castle Dungeon experience where they will meet costumed actors with spine-chilling tales and special effects. Set in 1345 when the Black Death plague affected people those without wealth and stature, this a memorable example of how history comes to life at the castle.

2pm: School groups can watch in awe as the world’s largest working trebuchet fires a projectile around 600ft. The colossal catapult is an authentic recreation of one of the biggest and most deadly military machines of all time it makes a great backdrop for class photo.

2:30pm: If time allows school groups can watch the thrilling archery and birds of prey shows, and visit the castle’s state rooms and Time Tower audio visual experience tracing the castle’s history. Then choose a memento from the gift shop before departure.

School groups can also turn their adventure into an overnight stay with accommodation in the Knight’s Village. Lodges are available year-round and tailored packages can include breakfast and dinner served in the medieval banqueting hall with live action performances by the castle’s knights.

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