MiniBrum is Thinktank’s child-sized mini-city where children are in charge.

School group at MiniBrum

All smiles as one group explores MiniBrum.

Itinerary: MiniBrum
Provider: Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum
Subjects: Science, Technology and Maths
KS: 1

The interactive gallery provides a unique environment for children to explore and question their understanding of the world around them. As pupils explore, they can learn about transport, build their own homes in the construction zone, see the Science in the shops and discover the secret hiding places in nature, plus much more. Designed in collaboration with local schools and university researchers, there is also an early years MiniBrum schools programme. Focusing on child-led, investigatory learning, children are inspired to experience the wonders of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) in MiniBrum’s early years classroom, The Den.

10am: Upon arrival, classes are greeted by museum enablers and welcomed to Thinktank. After dropping off their coats and bags, the children are ready to start exploring. Pupils can look out for the museum’s Smethwick Engine, the oldest working steam engine in the world, on their way up to MiniBrum.

10.30am - 11.30am: Visit to the MiniBrum classroom, The Den, for one of the new sessions. A Germ’s Journey teaches children the importance of washing their hands and personal hygiene as they discover the super science behind germs in this session. Children lead their own treasure hunt around MiniBrum to discover the hidden germs, as well as learn Thinktank’s very own hand washing song and take part in hand washing experiments using UV gel. The Den can host a range of other sessions too.

11.30am - 12pm: Lunch time. Head down to the picnic area on Level 0 and see if you can spot some of Birmingham’s most iconic vehicles: the Railton land speed record car and the City of Birmingham locomotive.

12pm - 12.30pm: Head up to Thinktank’s new 4K Planetarium for the show Night Dome. Meet up with Bertie the badger, as he discovers a whole host of stars and planets in the night sky.

1pm - 2pm: Explore MiniBrum. Through play, the mini city gives children the confidence to think like scientists in a real-life context: to test their ideas, to problem solve and to create.

2pm - 2.30pm: Head out to the science garden for a quick breath of fresh air and burst of active science outdoors before collecting your coats and bags and heading to the coach.

Contact information:
0121 - 348 8001